Case Studies

Network of Fertility Mega Clinics

Defined the user stories, workflows and processes for an entire network of fertility “mega clinics,” as well as the database, wireframes and framework for their enterprise management solution, including: patient admission, nursing, surgical, embryology, andrology, pathology, counseling, research, pharmacy, transporting, inventory, holistic, PGD, internal physicians, external physicians and reporting.

Network of Fertility Providers

Designed and defined a detailed embryology management solution for the company’s provider networks, including: specimen locationing, double human ID checks, incubator check in/out, specimen grading, long-term cryostorage, development checks, insemination, oocyte retrieval, implantations and discards.

PGD Laboratories

Designed and developed a full PGD solution , including: a doctor’s portal capable of generating requests for test, facilitating communication and payment between the clinics and the lab, courier services and receiving test results; a patient portal that allows for the entry of patient data, the digital signing of consent documents, payments, communication with genetic counselors, educational materials and scheduling; and a lab portal that handles the collection of test data, managing patient and client clinic data, internal scheduling, notifications and status update, along with all required reporting including SART.

Fertility Treatment

Designed and developed a patient intake system, including: embedded web forms, patient pre-screening, patient medical history, request approval system, email notifications, automated follow up and scheduling.